Welcome to my testimonials page. Here you will find feedback that I recieve from people after attending one of my gong bath meditations, I usally recieve these from emails, I do also bring a comment book with me when holding a gong bath. I welcome any comment, I am interested in peoples experiance of my gong baths.

Tiverton two hour sound healing event 20th April 2014

  • Thank you all for a wonderful gong bath experience, I knew once
    I had settled down and heard the universal greeting that I was in for a
    special treat.  I particularly liked Susans flute playing which sent me to a
    very quiet space and I loved the Shamanic drumming which set me off running
    through a never ending forest with a big grin on my face. I loved all the
    chanting especially the little yips through the drumming.  All in all a great
    night that I would certainly repeat and recommend to others. Well done

  • I would just like to thank you and your wonderful team for such a life

changing gong bath on Sunday. I didn't know what to expect and came to
surprise my old electrical friend William. I settled down after the gongs
started and found myself relaxed like never before. When Celeste (not sure
that's her name but had black hair and an amazing healing voice) started her
chant I saw a human/hawk looking over us/me. That was the start and I saw
other amazing things hard to put into words and I am still trying to
understand them. I also had tears and once opened my eyes and saw like
watery waves/ripples washing over us but incredibly pure and almost electric.
I found it strange when it ended and felt away with the fairies!!! And all was
perfect and peaceful and filled with love.
Sue and Pam came over to us and were so kind and understanding. This was a
life changer for me and this week has seen new vigour and confidence in all
parts of life and spirit.
so, a big loving THANKYOU to you and each member of the team because you have
all made a difference  to me. I hope my wife can come to the next one and
maybe we could organise one in Bournemouth in the near future.


  • It was an incredible and amazing experience. Thank you so much. 


  • Thanks for the fabulous sound healing event yesterday.

I’d been feeling rotten for days but all fixed now, thanks!



Exmouth shamanic drum circle 10th April 2014

  • Simply Wonderful, Thank you.


  • Wow again please Love & light.


  • Amazing time, I lost myself in the music, it was someone else moving with me. Thank you, a great time. Feeling good.


  • WOW!!


  • Phew worn out now.


  • Amazing I cant put it into words.


  • What a wonderful evening, it just whizzed by. Thank you very much.


  • Wow - absolutely amazing, cant wait until the next one!


Sound therapy taster session  8th March 2014

  • Wonderful! stuff, could feel my aura tingling - xx


  • Absolutely amazing, would recommend.


  • Wonderful experiance - really relaxing. Thank you.


  • Thanks a lovely experiance and inspiring!


  • Great experiance, lots of animals came in and I seem to disappear into the earth. feeling good - thanks


  • Simply wonderful, Thank you.


  • Wow again please. Love and light xx



Plymouth gong bath 25th January 2014

  • Very enjoyable, many thanks


  • Really enjoyed relaxing, loved all of it, would love to come again.


  • Very relaxing, thank you very much.


  • 1st but not the last time, wonderful relaxing, but very vibrant experiance.


  • Quite a strange experience - but came to after half an hour ! at first thought the whole spirit world had come out ! next was world war 2 bomb's, thank you for an experiance, loved the twinkling sounds - my favourite.

  • A very interesting experiance and one that I would be happy to do again ! I feel I was afraid to let myself completly go and was getting quite annoyed with myself ! it felt as though I was a shell and everytime I tried to scrabble my way to the top, I would slip a bit further down to the centre of the shell - but never manged to get far enough down. Unlike the previous comment, I achially disliked the tinkling of the wind chimes at the end as I new it was signaling the end of the session. Hope to see you again soon and maybe next time I will be able to trust myself to achually let go. Very relaxing and soothing.

  • Thank you so much, it was very relaxing and I felt the energy in the room.

  • Amazing, fabulous + totally relaxing.

  •  I am a Reiki healer, The energy at crescendo reached all the trouble spots much like Reiki does.


Broadstone gong bath 17th August 2013


  • Amazing experience being gonged


  • The most relaxing rejuvenating experience, feel totally at peace.


  • An all-encompassing experience, sound, movement, emotions. Feeling totally at peace.


  • A wonderful experience- I feel reset and peaceful. Thank you very much.


  • A very enjoyable evening, time was forgotten. Thank you so much.


  • Amazing vibrational cleansing in every energy portal- thank you.



Introduction to sound therapy group session 3\08\2013   


  • Amazing, fantastic experience, blissful to begin with, chimes etc, and gong bath was an incredible experience, really gentle not as load as I thought the gongs would be. See you again soon. Thank you.


  • Amazing and Magic!!


  • A very interesting and thought provoking day.


  • Amazing experience, has to be experienced to understand vibration, incredible.


  • Amazing, incredible, wow, wow. A wonderful experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you  Namaste.


  • Really wonderful, amazing to feel the vibration right through the body. Thank you.


  • Absolutely amazing, thank you so much for the experience, I have a serious back injury and I am in constant pain. However the gong bath made me feel amazing! Thank you again.


  • Fab fab fab, life sorted, mind clear, life path seen.


  •  Fantastic Pete thank you so much, really enjoyed it x AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! xx


  • Woweeeee! I am now buzzy and alive, like after a bungee jump or wiz around a race track. The individual drum- healing was awesome, I could feel the vibrations right through + clearing + healing my body… More more more!


Gong Baths.

  • i slept all night long and woke up in the morning like a normal person after the Sunday session. not done that for about 5 weeks. was most needed :) (Tiverton gong bath 2nd June 2013)


  • Thoroughly enjoyable and totally relaxing- worth more than £8.00 anyday.(Tiverton 3rd March 2013 gong bath)


  • Enjoyed the experience, (first time) feel very relaxed. Will come again (Tiverton 3rd March 2013 gong bath)


  • Oddly beautiful, very relaxing. In the words of the Beach Boys / Good Vibrations.


  • Thank you so much for the wonderful December sound gong bath at Barnstaple. I've been to all 3 gong baths at the Living Tree Centre, and they get better each time. My friend attended for the first time on 2nd December, and she said afterwards that she hasn't felt so "chilled out" for years!.
  • Wonderful gong bath last night Peter! It's like a really effective meditation without any of the effort! I actually slept properly for once afterwards, and still feeling the healing effects today. Thanks so much, this is going to become a must for me!

  • I have been going to Pete’s gong baths for over a year now, so I think that says a million words. It has an unfathomable sense about it, and each and everyone has their own story to tell. For me it hasn’t just been a place to lie down and relax for an hour. I have been thrown into past experiences, experiencing these through my body not just my mind... this has enabled a healing to take place and a letting go of old pains. It brings attention to blockages I haven’t been able to access before. The gong bath hasn’t always been a pleasant experience, sometimes feelings of panic, chest constriction, and muscle pain, but somehow the sound holds you and realigns my physical being. I often feel very open and need to rest afterwards to allow any processing to take place. And usually I have very good deep sleep for the next few nights with lots of dream activity, which brings clarity and a feeling of well being.

     Thank you Pete...


  • Last eve's Gong Bath at the Living Tree Centre was incredible. Peter Whitehart is a master at Gonging! Thank you to him. The sound wrapped around and through us lifting us into a magical kingdom of bliss. I never wanted it to end. Couldn't believe an hour had passed! Fantastic experience and a lovely group of people.

  • What a unique experiance it was amazing, sounds within sounds, tingling stuff. (Barnstaple gong bath August 5th 2012)


  • Came to the gong bath tonight and was blown away ... absolutely wonderful!. (Barnstaple gong bath August 5th 2012)


  • Always amazes me how different it is each time, thou sound can travel in such a deep way and creat healing. Loverly to be able to release stuff. D ( Tiverton gong bath 3rd August 2012 )
  • Hi, this is my brothers feed back for you he would like me to tell you that for many years from a toddler in fact he fell out af a moving car and fractured his scull in many places and he has suffered from a muzzy head ever since and for only 5mins of his life after this happened has felt his head to be clear . So after your gonging session he was so amazed to find that his head had cleared . This was his only session unfortunltly as he had to return to Australia where he lives . And he was unable to finf a Gonging session in Perth but still has the benifits of your session . So thank you Peter and the Gongs.


  • Very relaxing and restorative, really lovely. (Exeter gong bath 5th may 2012)


  • Really loverly experiance, very relaxing, will come again, Thank you. (Exeter gong bath 5th may 2012)


  • Most relaxing evening I've had in ages, will definitely come again. K (Tiverton gong bath 4th May 2012)


  • Awesome and enlivening. F  (Tiverton gong bath 6/4/2012)


  • Marvellous, Calming, Relaxing, Uplifting mmmm ! M & C ( Tiverton gong bath 2nd March )


  • Thanks again for last Friday. I can confirm that Friday's gong bath has significantly improved my shoulder injury and I'm keen to give it another go. I've been raving to a few people about how impressed I was. I expected a nice experience, but it was significantly less fluffy and more significantly physically healing than I'd realised. Very good stuff. :) Tho next time I'm bringing 2 blankets to lie on as i felt the chill in the mats still. J (Crediton gong bath 10th Feb 2012)


  • I always Leave the gong baths relaxed and smiling thanks Pete. D (Tiverton gong baths)


  •  Thanks also for lovely gong bath in Tiverton at Christmas it was a wonderful event which we all enjoyed very much and the tasty special cake you made was such a lovely thoughtful treat which grounded us all. Perfect. J W (Tiverton Christmas gong bath)


  • Thank you Pete for tonight-a great combination + rhythm of Chimes, crystal bowl and gongs. Much pain was released tonight and I am looking forward to better mobility.  J    (Tiverton Christmas gong bath)


  • Loved the chimes and the bowl. the extra time was well appresiated. Happy Xmas and the best new year lots of love.  B (Tiverton Christmas gong bath)


  • Wonderful and magical, Thank you so much. V   (Tiverton Christmas gong bath)


  • Thank you for a most wonderfully, relaxing and rejuvenating gong session at Tiverton; the cake and mulled wine were delicious, xx  S (Tiverton Christmas gong bath)


  • Thank you for a fabulous experience. L (6th Jan Tiverton gong bath)


  • Pete's Gong Therapy truly works. I can highly recommend this having had several treatments with Pete. Pete is based in various locations in Devon; check out his website for more details ♥ S (a facebook comment)


  • .a gong bath is highly recommended! (tried it and wow!) ♥ Sa (A facebook comment)


  • I was ok when I came and now i'm feel of cold!! great vibrations. (3/2/2012 Tiverton gong bath)


  • Thank you for another great experience. My head was fatisued from a busy week and now I feel carm, balanced and clearly focused. H (Exeter gong bath 4/02/2012)


  • Fantastic experience, truly engulfed, stimulated + swallowed by sound. Total relaxation, thank you very much. I (Exeter gong bath 4/02/2012)


  • Thank you for a wonderfully magical experiance. I feel all sparkly and bright and calm. V (Exeter gong bath 4/02/2012)


Gongathon Extravaganza 20th May 2012 Two hour gong bath.

Gongathon Extravaganza Feedback.


(1)   This is my 2nd gong evening. It was amazing, I loved the rhythm (felt like more sound).I did find two hours uncomfortable on my shoulders at the end, but just moved, I think I was a little unsure whether like yoga you should be on your back. Apart from that I loved it. I liked it because its not guided, you just go where it takes you.

(2)   I have experienced many gong baths from Pete, but this was the ultimate, what a fantastic experience, I could feel the vibrations of the gongs lift me off the floor and the best way to explain this is to call it a sound massage, thank you.

(3)   I found the vibration very intense to start with but amazing. I drifted in and out of sleep. I could feel the vibration in my internal organs + then in my skin. I felt like my body inside and out was riding the waves of sound. Very relaxing and wonderful experience. I will recommend and come again, thank you.

(4)   Wow, never having experienced anything like this before I was amazed. Thank you for release of the last couple of week’s mega strain on my life. I feel slower and clearer. It took a while for me to give in but I feel looser some how. Thank you.

(5)   Overall I found the experience deeply relaxing. I think initially it made me fall asleep shortly after the gongs started, but I don’t think it was for long. As I came to I just felt very relaxed and calm and just had the shivers a lot like I often do with other forms of healing as the tones of the gongs changed. By the time it finished I felt l had already began to come back and grounded myself, but hearing the shakers helped. Fantastic experience, loved it.

(6)   Found it difficult this time as it produced a very bad headache. It was very helpful to be grounded after.

(7)   I was amazed at how different gongs sound affected different parts of the body. One seemed to affect my head, another my insides and then vibrated all through my body. It was wonderful!

(8)   Enjoyed the evening very much. I feel more Structure could be done; you could take people on a journey. Explain the different sounds of tones. I feel two hours too long.

(9)   The first fifteen minutes or so was very involved with feeling of expansion and then being very grounded. Breathing was very easy and natural. I had a very warm feeling in my chest especially on the heart side. I came with the intention to be as open as possible to whatever healing potential was available. I really enjoyed the first hour or so, think I fell asleep for a short while, by about 9.15 my legs began to ache quite a lot, but after moving around a bit this started to settle down, this could have been down to the garden work I was doing earlier in the day. Generally very relaxing and interesting.            

(10)  The gonging took me to a place of dreams while still being awake. Very beautiful and healing. Would like to come once a month.

(11)   Deeply relaxing waves of sound. Amazing experience musical and rhythmic. At the start I had visuals that pulsed with the sound making an experience of filling up, when full subsided, Awesome. Heart rate elevated at times, time passes slowly, and quickly at the same time, mind focuses on issues, body, and mind. Cupping my ears intensified sounds (with hands) Awesome frequency, bass and more. Thank you so much---- so relaxing.

(12)   This did not send me to sleep; I found it a very active mind experience, very stimulating. I focussed on visualising the changes I want to see in the world and connecting with the energy of the solar eclipse today, though not quite at the right time. My ears started ringing as the crescendo built and I felt subtle vibrations in my body. The sounds broke over me in waves, from different directions, my mind kept coming back to the feeling of waves breaking. I focused on any areas of my body that needed a bit of healing. I have had a short individual gong bath at the sunrise festival and experienced a two hour crystal bowl meditation last November. I had some interesting kundalini type effect after the crystal bowl session. I am interested to see what I experience this time. Thank you for an amazing experience.

(13)  Very painful left shoulder and neck. Also left hip / pelvis and foot. Around my left eye and top of my head.

(14)  Very good, Best yet.

(15)  Wow what an amazing experience. Sounds were fantastic. Experienced pain in lower back and down right side of leg. I felt right foot kick out, pain eventually releasing. Felt like I was in another place and tanks were passing by and fighter planes flying overhead. Pains in different areas of my body came and slowly disappeared as the levels of music changed. Thank you.

(16)  Relaxing, deep, peaceful. When every one was gonging I felt confused and had to let go. The lesser gongs in the middle felt like a gentle breeze on a summer day. The ending was soft and easy to come round. Thanks I loved it.

(17)  It was great I feel really relaxed. My back was hurting when I came in, but now feels muck looser and relaxed. I could feel a lot of heat building in my body and I feel tingly. Nice space and giving out water and eye masks was lovely. I felt at the beginning it was a bit load, I would have preferred more of a build up and at the end all the rattles were a little too much. The base gong-both the continuous noise and the gonging was great, really peaceful. A really lovely vibe and peace in the room. Thank you.

(18)  An amazing and beautiful experience. Thank you gongs and gongers