"Sound Healing with Gongs" - a Gong Book for Beginners. cost £12.00.

This is one of the first books of its’ kind about gongs & their use for therapeutic work. The 167-page book has been written in plain simple language for anyone to understand. It includes a colour photo section, & fun quirky illustrations by talented young artist Emma Pattihis. It covers many topics including : Using Gongs for Sound Healing, the Origins of the Gong, How the Gong is made, the Sound of the Gong, the Gong as a Tool for Relaxation & Relief of Stress, The Gongbath, Techniques for Playing, Harmonics & the Golden Mean, & The Gongmaster.

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"In the Heart of the Gong Space" the Gong as a Spiritual Tool. cost £18.95

In the Heart of the Gong Space - Sheila draws on her many years of experience as a musician, teacher, sound healer, gongmaster and spiritual seeker, to give us further insights into the healing world of the gong – the ultimate sound healing instrument. This book goes much more deeply into the work with the gong & is intended for intermediate gong players, for other energy healers, and for those with an interest in spirituality. In this book the spiritual aspects of the gong’s power are explained more fully, illustrated with fascinating insights into the author’s own personal experiences with this remarkable instrument. The gong is essentially a tool for the raising of consciousness, and this is discussed fully in the book.

The book, some 372 pages, is divided into two sections : Section 1 is devoted mainly to the practical aspects of the gong in therapy situations. Section 2 focuses largely on spiritual growth, with the gong as the central theme. The spiritual aspect is a crucial part of our healing work with the gong. This includes our own healing, as well as that of our clients, students, and all those with whom we work.

Chapters include : Giving a One-to-one Gongbath Treatment, Client Care, Working with Other Gong Players, Entraining Symphonic Gongs, Spiritual Growth & Self Development, Holding the Energy Space for Clients, Psychic Knowing & the Third Eye, and Return to the True Self.

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“Gongs and Tam-tams"- A guide for Percussionists, Drummers, and Sound Healers’ Cost £14.95

Is a one-stop shop covering all aspects of these fascinating instruments. With information about their construction, history and playing techniques as well as the paraphernalia needed in terms of beaters, cases and stands, cleaning and care, and a comprehensive listing and description of many of the gongs available today or in the recent past.

 This book is intended for anyone interested in gongs, from players through to sound healers, including composers, music arrangers, and students of music, metallurgy and percussion history. It is believed to be the first book of its kind in the world.

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Here is a recommendation for gong practitioner training by the college of sound healing.

Gong Practitioner Training 


The Gong Practitioner Training is a certificated training programme over four weekends plus a graduation weekend, over the period of one year. Completion of this training will give participants the information, knowledge and tools required to become a specialist gong practitioner.

The world of the gong and its' use for healing is an extensive, fascinating and little-known subject. This course aims to bring together and impart as much relevant knowledge and wisdom, ancient and new, as is possible in the time allotted for the course. Some of this knowledge was lost in the mists of time and rediscovered during the last century. Students are encouraged to do their own reading and studies between sessions to further promote their training.

Homework will be allotted after each session, and case studies required for certification. A short written exam will be set at the end of the course. Each participant will need to have the use of their own gong by the 2nd session.

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