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Gong ceremony with Ali, Truro

At Cornwall Yoga Centre - Fridays 22nd Sept, 20th Oct, 10th Nov, 8th Dec 2017. For deep relaxation - stress relief - meditation - self healing through sacred sounds. These sessions are open to all, no previous experience of sound/ yoga/ meditation required! There is time for tea and sharing afterwards. About the gong ceremony: The universe is composed of vibration and, as the universe in miniature, so are we...every cell, bodily part and thought. Sacred sound re aligns us on the physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual levels. The gong is the most powerful and diverse sound healing instrument; an ancient tool for raising consciousness and transformation. It's vibrations and overtones are felt by every cell of the body and soothe the brain waves into a deeply relaxed, meditative or blissful state. Planetary, symphonic and elemental gongs are accompanied by singing bowls, elemental instruments, voice, conch shell and shruti box. There is nothing for you to do, simply set your intention, let go and allow the sounds to guide you on a deep inner journey towards wholeness. About Ali: I'm a healing sound practitioner, yoga therapist and yoga teacher, based in Cornwall and traveling regularly in India. I came to sound through mantra and now specialise in working with the majestic Gong: a tool for raising consciousness; self healing, stillness, union and wholeness. I’m passionate about sharing sound, breath & movement practices which can bring transformation in all areas of life, all layers of our being. This has certainly been my own experience! www.resonantbeing.net Investment/ booking: Pre booking essential via https://cornwallyogacentre.tulasoftware.com/student/event_series/41661 £12 per session or £44 for 4 sessions Preparation/ health: Yoga mats, blankets etc are provided, please bring extra warm layers eg socks and jumper - if you wish to bring a scarf to shade your eyes that can be lovely. Please bring drinking water/ water bottle. If you are pregnant, have any concerns regarding heart or hearing issues or if you need extra support such as sitting in a chair, please chat to Ali beforehand. 07855402837 piriamvadayogaetc@gmail.com
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Fridays monthly
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Ali Gunning
Conrwall Yoga Centre TR1 2LH
United Kingdom