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Worcestershire Gong Bath

A short series of gong baths being held at the Cart House this year. The session will consist predominantly of a ‘Gong Bath’ which is the playing of gongs by me in the surrounding space, but other instruments may also be used. During this session, you are encouraged to close your eyes, relax and let the sound ‘wash’ over you. Places are limited so please email me at info@pmgongs.com for further information and to reserve a place. Price £6 per person. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location: The Cart House, The Fold, Bransford, Worcester, WR6 5JB Presenter: Phil McNamara Dates: Wednesdays 14th March, 4th April, 2nd May, 6th June, 4th July 2018 Time: 2015 – 2130 Price: £6.00 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location: Mathon Parish Hall, Mathon, Malvern, WR13 5NY Presenter: Phil McNamara Dates: Tuesday 15th May 2018 Time: 2000 – 2115 Price: £6.00 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Gong Baths – Malvern area Short series of gong baths in the Malvern area once a month on a Sunday afternoon 1430 – 1530 at the Friends Meeting House with Gerry Russell and Gail Ross. For further details email gongresonance@hotmail.com :-
Days & hours: 
Wednesdays 14th March, 4th April, 2nd May, 6th June, 4th July 2018
Contact details
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Philip McNamara,
The Cart House
The Fold, Bransford
WR6 5JB Worcester
United Kingdom