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Soundbath and 5 Rhythms

I offer on monthly basis a Sounbath at Bethnal Green 5Rhythms class. I use Himalayan Bowls, Gongs and other sound effects to create a healing, nurturing and pleasurable experience. This is a receptive holistic treatment and a form of sound meditation. The Soundbath provokes a deep resonance in the body and stimulates imagination, creative thinking and mental clarity. I play the instruments in a sequence that stimulates a grounded presence in the body, peace, relaxation and a hightened awareness at the same time.
Days & hours: 
12th May, 16th Jun, 7th July, 6.45-9 pm
Contact details
Contact name: 
Laura Valenti
0753 1813322
Eastbourne House, Buddhist Art Centre
Bullard Place
E2 OPT London
United Kingdom