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Gong Bath at InHale Yoga Studios in Hale, 10:30-11:30am Sun 20th Nov

A gong bath is an opportunity for you to have time to yourself, to deeply relax and rejuvenate, and to delight in the awesome sounds of the gong. The vibrations of the gong have wonderful effects on the human being from top to toe. On a physical level, your cells will all vibrate (some people who feel this strongly describe it as their limbs feeling fizzy!), on an emotional level you may find yourself opening up from the heart, feeling things you've not felt since childhood, and in the mind, your brainwaves are massaged such that you go through states akin to day-dreaming, meditation and deep sleep. Many people find the experience very spiritual in nature, and most find it deeply relaxing. All you need to do it come along, lay down on a mat, with blanket and pillow (provided) and relax, letting the sounds and vibrations do their thing. Please ensure you arrive in time as I can't get the door once I've begun playing. Don't forget to bring some water to aid the detoxification process. Tickets are £12 per person. You can pay on the door, or to avoid disappointment, you can reserve your place by emailing me at supergongspa@gmail.com or phoning/texting me on 07850 955810. See you there.
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9am-9pm every day of the week.
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Martyn Cawthorne
07850 955810
InHale Yoga Studios
1st Floor, Progress House, 17 Cecil Road
WA15 9NZ Hale
United Kingdom