Wanting to attend a gong bath but don’t live in the southwest of England, here you will find worldwide gong baths and sound events.

If you are a sound therapist or gong practitioner please advertise your regular events here FREE of charge.


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gong bath and sound healing

What is a Gong Bath? In a gong bath the body is literally ‘bathed in sound’, promoting a deep sense of well being and inner peace. The sound of the gong has gong bath and music the effect of timelessness – and of de-materialisation. People often have the experience of floating in space, or in an ocean; some have inspiring visions, or see colours. More than a musical instrument, the gong is a conduit for vibrational waves of energy, releasing reverberating tones of great fullness and resonance that interact with the human body on a very deep, even cellular level. The gong facilitates deep meditation; it can open all the chakras and enable healing to more readily occur as the body concentrates on drawing in the sounds it needs to re-align and harmonise itself. And the silence which settles when the gong bath ends is often very profound. Most people emerge from a gong bath feeling extremely relaxed, re-energised and refreshed. The aura, nerve and immune systems seem strengthened and the inner voice of higher consciousness more easily heard.
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evey other thursday, 6.15-7.15pm and 7.30-8.30pm
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020 7581 4090
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