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This Sound Camp workshop page will be updated during the winter months of 2017



This is a invitation for you to join with us in the Mid Devon countryside on Saturday 7th July 2018 for Sound Camp.

Sound Camp is an environmentally conscious sound therapy weekend retreat, held in the middle of 100 acres of steep sided semi wild Devon countryside.

It's for gong practitioners, gong enthusiasts, sound therapists and anyone interested in the gong, sound therapy, yoga, tai chi or dance to come together for a weekend of sound and movement related activities. This is an opportunity for you to lead a sound/healing/movement related workshop, where you will share your skills and knowledge with others whilst promoting your work and interests and earn some money.
Sound Camp 6th to 8th July 2018, is being held at an idyllic off grid eco-camp in the heart of the beautiful Mid Devon countryside. The aim of the weekend, based around gong and sound therapy, is that it will be a retreat from everyday life; a relaxing tranquil environment in which to share, experience, meet with others, and above all enjoy.

The main workshop day is Saturday 7th July, this is the day I would like workshop leaders to join us (see options below should you want to join us during the whole weekend)
Should you choose to join us, your workshop will be loosely based around a sound therapy related subject. It will run both in the morning and again in the afternoon and be between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes duration. I am interested in attracting practitioners/therapists who can offer workshops such as:

Voice Work ~ Sacred Bowls ~ Wind Instruments ~ Drumming ~ Qi Gong ~ Yoga ~Tai Chi ~ Dance ~ Making of Instruments ~ Tuning forks ~ Meditation ~  Sound-Based Holistic Therapies ~ Introduction to the Gong.

I am also open to suggestions so please talk with me if you feel that you have something relevant to offer that is not listed above.

Workshop leaders are responsible for bringing their own equipment to run their workshop. Workshop spaces are Tipis with carpeted floors or outside on the grass. tables and chairs are supplied. please bring the minimum equipment to run your workshop as you can not drive to your workshop space and a hill climb is necessary when  packing up your equipment at the end of the day. Reasonable assistance is available to you when packing up.

There is no mains electricity at camp, so those needing music for a dance workshop will need to bring an ipod to plug into my supplied battery operated music system.

Workshop leaders have several option available to them.

1: You can attend camp all weekend in exchange for running two one hour workshops on the Saturday and a talk/performance/something different either Friday evening or Sunday morning or offer an hours sound bath during the Saturday evening/Sunday morning all night sound bath.  I would also be expecting some help with moving equipment back to the parking area on Sunday morning. (this means when you visit the toilet please bring an item of equipment up with you each time) This will be of great benefit to me as Coombe Farm is a physically demanding site.

2: You can opt to attend Saturday only running an hours workshop in the morning and again in the afternoon and receive a free lunch and get paid £75.

3: Sound therapy instrument makers are wanted to offer a group workshop of two hours duration either on the Friday evening or on the Sunday morning. This can be in exchange for the whole weekend attendance or for a payment (I pay £150 for instrument makers workshops) Friday evening gives you the most attendance and offers you good promotion to your target audience.:

No workshop assistants please; just one workshop leader per workshop.  You can help yourself to teas, coffee and snacks whenever you want and have the opportunity to attend other workshops that are running during the day.

Workshops will run between 9am and 1pm with lunch being provided free of charge to the workshop leader; the afternoon workshops will run between 2pm and 6pm. Workshop spaces will be round basic structures like Tipis, Yurt and an African hut, see picture lower down the page.
Please feel free to use this opportunity to promote your particular interest, skills/services.

Your workshop/product will be freely advertised and promoted through the ‘What’s On’ section of the Sound Camp webpage, you website will be linked from there. If you dont have a website you can use a facebook page.

I am planning for 8 workshops to be running during the Saturday to give attendees the opportunity to experience a mix of activities. Saturday is the main workshop day. I will also have a Friday evening and Sunday morning workshop slots available for instrument makers or something special like a performance/concert etc.

Sound Camp is paying workshop leaders £75 for running a morning and afternoon workshop on the Saturday.
Practitioners/therapists must be self employed to be able to participate, however if you would like to run a workshop and are not self employed I can donate the £75 to a charity. I do ask that you choose a worth while charity as I would rather not support medical condition charity, I don't mind supporting natural medicine charities.
I am taking bookings from January 2018.

The link below will take you to the Sound Camp webpage where you will find more information about camp.
Should you wish to participate, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

So as to create a mix of different types of workshops and to be fair I shall be making choices once I have some interest; the “Whats On” block on the Sound Camp web page will be updated within a month so you can see the progress of the workshops chosen.

I hope you would consider joining us during Sound Camp 2018
Kind regards

Peter Whitehart

Some question that are often asked.
Due to high expectation from interested workshop leaders over the years I have now included some questions and answers to make things easier for myself with the organising of sound camp.

I run sound camp on a tight budget, a budget that is generated by attendees paying a entry fee and to keep the camp affordable I now have to address the problem of people wanting extras for free.

So here are some question that are often asked.

  • Can I come and run workshops at sound camp and make a family holiday out of traveling to Devon.

 Answer: Your family would be welcome at camp (but not on a free entry bases) the workshop leader gains a free entry, a free meal and receives payment for the workshops if opting for the come on Saturday only. There is no budget for extra freebies sorry.

  • Can I come to camp on the Friday evening so as to be in plenty of time to run my workshops on the Saturday.

Answer: Under some circumstances that can be possible i.e.: If you are traveling some distance, however no you can not stay till Sunday before traveling back in less you choose the stay all weekend option and run your workshops in exchange for the weekend stay.

  • If I travelled some distance to sound camp to run workshops on the Saturday would you consider helping out with travel expenses.

Answer: Sorry no I can not get into paying travel expenses for workshop leaders, it becomes unfair for other workshop leaders, I believe the £75 payment for the morning and afternoon workshops + a free meal and the website promotion is very generous.

  • I don't drive so I will be relying on my friend/partner to get me to camp to run workshops on the Saturday, can my friend/partner also come with me on the Saturday.

Answer: I am not encouraging free entries to camp as it is unfair on others. I offer a free collection from Tiverton Parkway train station and a return to the station at the end of the day so maybe you could choose that option. Sorry there is no budget to give out free meals or entry to friends/family and anyone that is not contributing to camp.

  • Can I run the morning and afternoon workshops on the Saturday for the payment of £75 and also offer other workshops during the weekend in exchange for a free entry.

Answer: Sorry no, the camp costs money to organise and run and Is relied upon paying attendees to cover the costs involved. Also camp is run on a fair to everyone attending bases.







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