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The what's on for the 2018 camp is now complete.


Friday Evening


Around the campfire, on Friday night, Aya and Belén will guide you to connect with your spirit. Supported by the Fire, native american flutes, drums and medicine songs, you will journey within. Medicine songs have this unique ability to touch you deeply, flutes are truly enchanting, and the drum is the heartbeat... It is such a delight to gather around the campfire. Our ancestors (whichever land you come from) had special appreciacion for fire, it's an ancient way to come together, share, connect, transform... Lets live the life that we would love. See you there.



Saturday Workshops


Dean Carter

Welcome to Centre for Pure Sound where we offer regular Divine Union Sound-baths – journeying to the healing, re-balancing effect of the Therapeutic Pure Sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, and our ANGELS OF SOUND Voice Play-shops where you will hear the extraordinary sounds your voice can make through toning and over-toning. These events take place in Dorset and the surrounding areas.

Dean will be running the ANGELS OF SOUND  Voice Playshop one hour in the morning and repeated in the afternoon.

Re-connect  with Higher Self through Toning the chakras, Vocal Overtoning, and using Sacred Language (Sanskrit/Kuldee), Divine Names and breathwork

Find your Personal Sonic and Key Tone to establish and then work meaningfully with the notes of your key.

For more details on Dean's work visit:


Jennie Dodd

"Notes for Neurons"

Finding the medicine in melody with a session of movement, yoga nildra and sound relaxation.
Jennie will be running a yoga/sound workshop for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

For more details on Jennie's work:


Jo Anne  Burchfield jame

Jo-Anne is a Gong Practitioner , suara sound tuning fork ambassador and reiki master. she is passionate about sound therapy and love spreading the sound vibe. At home in Rye East Sussex ,she likes to bring an array of sacred sound instruments together to give you the most blissful sound Journey, these include 6 gongs, players drum, tuning forks and pipes plus the crystal singing bowl and tibetan Singing bowls ... and a few others .. Jo-Anne works from home in her healing room with 1-2-1 s or couples inside the pyramid space. 

During the sound camp workshop you will have the chance to listen and use these instruments , feel what effect the weighted and unweighted tuning forks have on you, and the added bonus of the tuning pipes,  a brief insight into the tuning fork, pipe and bars .. You will also be immersed in a 30 minute sound journey with gongs , drum, bowls and the tuning pipes leaving you feeling relaxed, cleared and cleansed..

Jo will be running her sound journey workshop in the morning and repeated in the afternoon.

More details on Jo's work you can visit her Website:


Soozie  Fernley

Qi Gong .
'Liu Zi Jue'...The Six Healing Sounds..
The sounds work on the 5 visceral organs and the 3 Choux, accompanied by six easy to learn sequences ..

Soozie will be running a one hour morning and afternoon Qi Gong session.



Belen Prado

I have been teaching Native American flute workshops in Bristol for about a year and a half. I have flutes for students and I can have maximum ten people per workshop. This workshop is for people who have never played the flute before and for the ones who have been playing on their own but don’t feel very confident. It is not necessary to know music in advanced as it is a very simple instrument and easy to play. This beginner workshop is an introduction to the Native American flute and the main objective is to get familiar with the instrument. The workshop is quite practical but you will also learn about its origins, the way it works and its benefits. At the end of the workshop people will be able to improvise their own music.
For more details on Belen's work:

Belen will be running her workshop in the big tipi an hour in the morning and repeated in the afternoon.



Peter Whitehart

Introduction to the gong workshop

I will be running a introduction to the gong workshop in the morning.
This will be for complete beginners or regular gong players.
I will be offering my own technique of playing the gongs and going into small detail about the effects the gong bath has on the human brain (entrainment) and how to time the playing technique to induce entrainment.
Everyone will have ten minutes to play the gongs and I will then finish off with a 30 or 45 minute gong bath to give attendees the experience of my way of playing.

I very much encourage those who want to play the gongs to find their own personal technique.


Freestyle Drumming

Freestyle drumming is a Un lead drumming session where the group just drums with no fixed agenda.
Most people expect a workshop leader/someone in charge of the group to be present someone to follow etc.
I will give a brief outline of what a freestyle drum circle is, get it started and then leave attendees to it.
I have been attending my Exmouth drum circle for four years and its just the most magical experience.
No drumming experience necessary, just come and drum.

More details: www.drum


Qi Meditation, Movement & healing sound

With Jeanne Hampshire

For 30 years, my work has been rooted in Taoist practices of meditation, movement and sound as well as visionary art.

Jeanne will be running her workshop for an hour in the morning and repeated in the afternoon.

More details:


Heart felt relaxation with medicine song

With Aya Zebrowska

This will be one hour of settling in the space of the heart. This kind of rest is very transformational, and the medicine songs just sink so deep in the tissue of the body bringing sence of contentment, compassion and love.

Aya will be running her workshop for an hour in the morning and repeated in the afternoon.

More details:


Sound Bath

With Gail Stewart

Gail uses monochord, solfeggio pipes, leaves, rain shells, drums, rattles, voice, tibet and crystal bowls, gongs and clay pipe

"Gail Stewart is a trained singer since childhood. As a nurse patients asked her to sing and soon realised the healing that voice can bring. She is a Biodanza teacher and realises how the group, music, voice, and movement can have a profound healing effect on the body and mind. She has studied aspects of shamanism over 20 yrs with Simon Buxton, Ken Meadows and the late Sarah Howcroft. Gail has also trained with various people for gong including Sanji Hall, Don Conreaux and Carolyn Coles. Her great love is working with gongs, bowls, monochord, pipes and voice. Besides workshops she is a volunteer at The Maggie cancer centre Swansea where she uses sound for the clients. Paola's background embraces Gregorian Chant and early music, meditation facilitation, and Tibetan Buddhist sound healing. She is also a Biodanza facilitator and didactic teacher based in the South West of England."

Gail will be running her workshop for an hour in the morning and repeated in the afternoon.



Saturday Evening


Starting at 9.00pm and running till 7.00am Sunday morning there will be a allnight sound jouney under the stars near the camp fire with a marquee nearby should the weather get wet. This sound journey will start with other instruments, voice etc and then turn into a gong bath later and continue through the night, attendees who wants to participate will be playing the gongs for a thirty minute stretch, those who have never played a gong can attend my gong workshop for beginners on the Saturday morning.

Attendee are also able to bring intruments and offer something different to contribute towards this sound journey.





What is Sacred Sound?
Sacred sound refers to a variety of practices in which music and sound are used to increase health, well-being, and a balanced sense of harmony, for individuals and for communities. It facilitates an awareness of integration and wholeness.
Drawing on many world cultures and spiritual traditions, sacred sound practices encompass music's ability to calm and soothe, as well as sound's capacity to awaken, balance, and energise. Spiritually therapeutic, sacred sound practices are varied and universal.
Music has been proven to reduce physical pain and to relieve emotional suffering. Spiritually, music can relieve stress and help transcend life's challenges. Music, as well as certain sacred sound practices, can help us concentrate and bring clarity to our lives. Sacred sound traditions also focus on increasing and balancing energy flow within the body, which can result in a release of new creativity and an openness to fresh possibilities.
As well as those undergoing medical treatment, anyone who is experiencing the normal ebb and flow of life can benefit from the use and practice of sacred sound. Sacred sound creates sacred space. Like prayer, it connects us with the sacred source of life, bringing a sense of divine love and care.
This awareness of the  sacred connects us in profound ways to the divine, as well as to those around us. Spiritually, this sense of sacred connection can result in feelings of peace and assurance, comfort and solace, a deeper trust and sense of well-being.
‘Before resound you have no power. You go in the mountain, you say one word, that echo will go thousands times more, thousands of miles. That is the power of the resounding sound or anahad. Unlimited sound vibrates and creates light and creates life’.
Yogi Bhajan
‘Sound is the source of all manifestation.
He who knows the secret of the sound knows the mystery of the whole universe’.
Hazrat Inayat Khan
In this workshop, some or all of the following will be covered:

  • Chanting OM 

  • Meditations and Visualisations 

  • Sacred Sound Improvisation 

  • Pranayama 

  • Repetition 

  • Discovering your Soulnote 

  • Tao Sounds 

  • Mantras 

Phil Leah GNSM PGCE FISM is a musician and educator who specialises in teaching/lecturing, examining and conducting bands and orchestras; Also an award-winning composer, he plays flute, clarinet and keyboards. A long-term illness and subsequent spiritual awakening brought him to an understanding of the healing possibilities of sacred sound, which he now researches as well as giving workshops. Phil studies gonging with Gong Master Don Conreaux.

For more details on Phil's work:


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