Sound Camp Car Share

Welcome to the Sound Camp Car Share. Here you will find people keen to share a lift. Do you want to offer a lift too? Then create your car share ad on the link below. 


How to use the Sound camp car share:

Just click on the create your ad here link and fill out the details.

If you are willing to pick up several people on route just include in your ad how many seats are available.

To offer a car share you will be offering a lift to sound camp and the return journey to your pre arranged meeting point.

A person/people excepting a lift will be more than happy to pay towards the cost of fuel, My suggestion would be to work out what your fuel will cost for the to and return journeys and charge 50% for one person, 30% each for two people and 20% each for three or four people.

I offer a tent share at sound camp so those excepting a lift through the car share will be able to travel light.

once your ad is created people can contact you via a secure contact form,

Your email address will not be displayed on the car share ad.

Latest car share ads

  • Peter Whitehart is offering a lift from , EX16

    THIS IS A TEST CAR SHARE. ~ I suggest that people willing to offer a car share should charge a small fair fee to help cover the fuel costs. ~ A good meeting place would be a motorway services or pub/cafe on route rather than having to go out your way to meet up. ~ Please feel free to use this car share as I had lots of asks last year from people wanting a lift to camp. ~ If you get booked or you no longer want to offer a car share, contact me and I can mark your car share as full/no longer available.

    Contact Peter Whitehart

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