Questions and answers.

Please brows through the questions and answers below before contacting me as you mite just find the answers to your quiry there. Organizing Gong camp can tack up a lot of my time and as I have put so much information on the Gong camp page I would prefer that you brows through the Gong Camp page for information first and contact me if your quiry is not answered there. I have icluded the question and answers information below for quick refrence.


Questions and Answers

  •      Will I be able to come to camp a day early or stay longer than the weekend?

Answer: Sorry as I hire the campsite from friday to Sunday I can not offer or encourage attendees to stay on camp any other days.

  •       Will there be a wi-fi connection on camp?

Answer: No sorry the camp does not have a wi-fi connection. Gadgets are not encouraged because gong camp is a weekend in nature and a break from modern life.

  •        Will there be electricity points to charge my phone?

Answer: The camp is off grid so there are no electricity points. Coombe farm is in a valley and most mobile phones will not pick up a signal. Several phone numbers will be provided to enable attendees to be contacted in case of emergency. I will have a solar panel charging system at camp with phone charging USB conections to charge phones etc (this is not to encourage the use of phones, it is to help those who have a digital rail ticket on their phone which is needed to get home)

  •        Will I be able to bring a barbecue and cook some meals?

Answer: No sorry, all meals are supplied; No barbecue, and no in camper van cooking, snacks, teas and coffee will be freely available from the field kitchen

  •         I am disabled and mobile via a wheelchair; am I welcome at gong camp?

Answer: Absolutely everyone is welcome and those less able to get about will be helped. Wheelchair access is very tricky due to being on grass and steep hill climbing is necessary in places. The camp site is not really suitable for wheelchair users.

  •      Will there be first aid people at hand in case of any accidents?

Answer: Yes gong camp will have a first aider and a first aid kit to hand. Any accidents will be recorded and appropriate steps taken to look after you if an accident should occur.

  •         I am not very good at sleeping in a tent; can I sleep in my van?

Answer: Yes you may sleep in a camper van.  However there are only two level parking spaces for vans (these spaces are available on a first come bases) You are also welcome to sleep in your vehicle but parking is on a slope.

    • Can I bring a caravan/trailer to gong camp to sleep in?

Answer: Coombe farm has a steep long drive and limited turning at the bottom and very large trailers are likely to cause all sorts of problems and mite be a struggle to tow back up the drive. Camper vans (not motor homes) or small trailers are welcome but flat parking spaces are all ready reserved.

  •         Are we expected to join in with all the sound activities?

Answer: Not at all; gong camp is very much a break from regular life for a weekend. Activities are laid on for you to enjoy but you are welcome to choose what you would like to do. So come and relax, receive gong bath after gong bath, drink tea, and talk with others or walk around the countryside!

  •        I will catch a train to Devon to attend gong camp and I won’t be able to bring my gong or drum; will this be a problem?

Answer: You are not expected to bring instruments to gong camp. Gongs, drums, mats, blankets and cushions are all supplied; you will be able to travel very light.

  •        Is gong camp open to the public?

Answer: Gong camp is a book only event as meals will be supplied and the numbers of attendees are needed in advance to prepare for this. Bookings and payments will be available from April 6th

  •         I am interested in attending gong camp; can I run a sound workshop?

Answer: Yes we are open to what people have to offer; please contact me to discuss. Saturday is the day that workshop leaders will be attending from 8.00am to 6.00pm.

  •     I would be interested in running a workshop at gong camp; will there be chairs and tables available?

Answer: Gong camp will be outdoors and there will also be Tipis with carpeted floors, tables, chairs are supplied, you would need to bring other equipment you require to run your workshop, help is available with getting your equipment to your workshop space.

  •         I am interested in attending the Friday evening drum circle is it possible to come to just that?

Answer: The drum circle on Friday evening is for gong camp attendees Only.

  •         I would be interested in attending just the all night gong bath on Saturday evening/Sunday morning; is this possible?

Answer: No sorry the gong bath is for gong camp attendees only.

  •        Could I attend gong camp on the Saturday only?

Answer: A few Saturday day passes mite be available once all the weekend bookings have been taken. The Saturday day passes will be at a reduced fee of £50.00 and will include lunch.

  • Can I run a workshop at Gong Camp and get a reduced attendance fee rather than be paid for the workshop?

Answer: I’m sorry but this is not possible as it makes the payment process too complicated with setting up multiple payment options. I have a budget dedicated to paying workshop leaders for their time and I need to show expenditure for this.

  • Do you offer concessionary rates?

Answer: To make the event accessible to as many people as possible, I have set a fee that covers the costs involved. Unfortunately, I am therefore unable to offer any concessions.

  • Can I help out at Gong Camp in exchange for free entry?

Answer: Gong Camp is a small event with up to fifty people attending. It is not a festival like event where lots of help is necessary. I will be doing all the physical work myself so no help is needed.


  • I am not self employed but I would like to run a workshop at Gong Camp, is it possible to donate the payment to a chosen charity?

Answer: Absolutely! yes I am very happy to donate the funds to your chosen charity. I ask that you be very conscious on your chosen charity as I would rather Gong Camp money goes to very worthy charities. I would rather not support medical condition charities, but I am happy to support natural healing.

  •        If I attended gong camp would I need to bring spending money?

Answer: Nothing will be for sale at gong camp; workshop leaders will be promoting their workshop/product but not selling anything.


Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are very useful to prevent misunderstanding as everything is clear and in one place.


  •     A one off payment of £130 per person covers everything for the three days: camping facilities, meals, snacks, teas, coffee, spring water and entertainment.
  •     There are no entry tickets issued for gong camp, I will work on booking forms and signing people in on arrival to camp.
  •     The refund policy is as follows:

    A full refund will apply if at least four weeks notice is given before the start of the event.
    Transfer of place to another named person will be permitted without penalty at any time before the start of the event.
    This refund policy is made of necessity as costs are incurred with late cancellations/no shows.

  cancellations from the booking date to 3 weeks before the start of camp you will receive a 75% refund.
  cancellations 3 weeks to 2 weeks before the start of camp receives a 50% refund.
  cancellations 2 weeks to the start of camp results in no refund.

  •     Everyone attending must fill out a booking form, we need to know who is on site for safety reasons.
  •     We will cater for some special diets, but this has to be requested at time of booking. Meat is not available and cannot be requested.


  •     Meal times are flexible around my listed times and it is your responsibility to be around to receive your meals.

    Hot meals cannot be reserved for you.
    All meals are supplied, no self catering, this includes camper van cooking, barbecue and camp fire cooking.

  •     Gong Camp will be alcohol free so we request that you respect this and not bring alcohol.
  •     No smoking in the camp area or in your tent; there will be a designated smoking area.
  •     No candles in your tents please; torches are the safest form of lighting.
  •     Young children are welcome with a parent (under 10 years old) Please be aware that meals are vegetarian.

Workshop Leaders

  •     Workshop leaders are invited to attend Gong Camp free of charge on Saturday 8th July 8.00am - 6.00pm only.

    All workshop leaders will be paid £75 for running a morning and afternoon workshop. (Workshop leaders must be self employed or if not self employed I can donate thier £75 to a chosen charity) if workshop leaders have their own website I shall add a link on the what's on block.

    Lunch is supplied free of charge to the workshop leader.

    Workshop leaders are responsible for bringing their own equipment to run their workshop. Workshop spaces are Tipis with carpeted floors or outside on the grass. tables and chairs are supplied. please bring the minimum equipment to run your workshop as you can not drive to your workshop space and a hill climb is necessary when packing up your equipment at the end of the day. Reasonable assistance is available to you when packing up.

    There is no mains electricity at camp, so those needing music for a dance workshop will need to bring a battery operated music system.

Workshop leaders wanting to attend all weekend:

Workshop leaders are very welcome to attend Gong Camp for the whole weekend; a place will need to be booked from 6th April 2017 at a cost of £130 per person.
Unfortunately, I am unable to offer any reduction to this entry fee and for the following reasons:

  • It makes the payment process too complicated with setting up multiple payment options.
  •   I have a budget dedicated to paying workshop leaders for their time and I need to show expenditure for this.  

Gong Camp is not a profit making event and is organised in such a way that no money is left over and banked. Rather, it is put straight back into the following year’s Gong Camp event.

Other information

Friday Evening and Sunday entertainment are for the all weekend attendees only as a considerable amount of money has been spent on the entertainment for the benefit of those attending. The exception to this is those who attend my regular drum circle, who are invited to the Friday evening entertainments.

Coombe Farm is mainly a reserve for nature and a environmental conscious camp site, I ask that everyone attending Gong Camp be aware of this with whatever you do.

Bookings/payment will be taken from the 6th April 2017 and will close on the 16th June 2017.( I need to be very strict with closing the bookings from the 16th June as meals need planning for special diets and time is needed for the cooks to prepare for this)

Special dietary needs require special preparation and cannot be requested on the day. It is therefore your responsibility to complete the booking form correctly.

Wheelchair access is very tricky due to being on grass and steep hill climbing is necessary in places. The compost toilets are not assessable via a wheelchair. disabled people are very welcome but please be aware that this camp site is not on flat ground and is not really suitable for wheelchair users.

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