Payment Options
Payment options for Sound Camp

One fee of £150 per person covers everything for the three days:  camping facilities, meals, snacks, teas, coffee, Spring water, and entertainment.

Payment/bookings are now closed. and will open on the 20th May 2018.

Terms and Conditions.

Payment options:

Paying via bank transfer by filling out the booking form, please make payment to Peter Whitehart and transfer funds to account: ? sort code: ? using Sound Camp as a reference.

Or pay via online payment by filling out the booking form and follow the link on the thank you page that apears after submiting the form.

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Kirtan and sound bath

An evening to experience the yoga of sound. Kirtan is part of the Bhakti yoga path or the yoga of love and devotion and is a form of meditation. It involves the singing of mantras repetitively which has an uplifting and calming effect on the mind. You do not need to be a good singer, it is simply singing from the heart. Traditionally the mantras are in Sanskrit but it is not important to know the meaning of the words but the energy and feelings that singing those mantras creates. It can be a deeply transformative practice and can lead to feelings of joy and peace. The practice is done as a group and scientific research has confirmed that group singing can be hugely benefical for body and mind, increasing happiness and connection with others. ​The sound healing is facilitated by Alex Jackson from Temple Sounds using Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, gongs and chimes. Sound can bring balance, relaxation and a sense of wholeness to the body. The sound of harmonic vibrations created are intended to stimulate the alpha and theta brain waves. These waves are associated with deeply meditative and peaceful states of being that are highly conducive to healing. Sound can also slow down the heart and respiratory rate, creating a therapeutic effect on the mind and body. No experience is needed just bring a mat, blanket and cushion. Herbal teas will be provided. Please contact me to book your place Early bird price before 2nd November £12 or £15 thereafter. Namaste Claire and Alex
Days & hours: 
November 9th 2018 6:30pm-830pm
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Alex Jackson
parc slip nature reserve
fountain road
CF32 bridgend
United Kingdom