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Payment options for Sound Camp

One fee of £150 per person covers everything for the three days:  camping facilities, meals, snacks, teas, coffee, Spring water, and entertainment.

Payment/bookings are now closed. and will open on the 20th May 2018.

Terms and Conditions.

Payment options:

Paying via bank transfer by filling out the booking form, please make payment to Peter Whitehart and transfer funds to account: ? sort code: ? using Sound Camp as a reference.

Or pay via online payment by filling out the booking form and follow the link on the thank you page that apears after submiting the form.

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Rebirthing Breathwork with Gong

Rebirthing with Gongs was first developed two years ago by Purnima in a work partnership with Brazilian Sound Therapist Susan Manjula. The benefits and feedbacks have been encouraging us to go ahead and spread the knowledge abroad. In the UK since 2016, this project is an initiative of Rebirthing Club of London and SonicSoul, and aims to offer a new wave of Conscious Breath therapy and Sound Therapy in group sessions. Rebirthing - Conscious Breathing is a breathwork therapy that revitalizes and rejuvenates the body, refreshes the mind, delights the soul and enlivens our actions and relationships! The Gong is a sound healing tool of ancient origins used. Known as the sound of total resonance, the gong is played with the intention of bringing people into a state of harmony. Its frequencies and resonance can quieten the mind, relax the physical body and cleanse the energetic field. Together, these two terapies, potentialise the benefits of a session. The Rebirthing promotes an expansion and the Gongs helps to dissolve the resistances. The session starts at 2.30pm. Please arrive 5 minutes before the starting time to settle in. The workshop includes: -And induction section where you learn the breathing technique of Rebirthing, and are introduced to the sounds of the gong. -A 90 minutes practice section. You lay down on a comfortable mattress ready to begin practice. -A sharing and feedback section, and a cup of tea. The price for this workshop is £45 (plus eventbrite fee). Early Bird is £35 (plus eventbrite fee). Concession £35 (plus eventbrite fee). Space is limited. Please book in advance via eventbrite: If you have any questions please contact: Patricia on ( 07825166474) Join us on this experience of healing and liberation! Feedback from previous sessions: "Purnima and Patricia - all I can say is WOW and thank you for the most incredible experience. Absolutely mind blowing and life changing afternoon. Thank you, thank you, thank you. See you again soon. Big love Jxx' (Julia, Gong Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner, Counselor - London) "Breathing with the sound of gongs was like feeling my body as wave. A vibrational experience that led me to body states of expansion, memories were activated, blocked energy in my emotional body was released and opened spaces for to the air to flow and unclog layers and layers of blockages, bringing back my free space of life and joy." (Marta Bezerra, dancer master - Brazil, translated from Portuguese) " Breathing consciously through Rebirthing Breathwork is to feel life in its real and cosmic dimension. The experience with the sound of gongs harmonizes as a great symphony. The sound power of this instrument shatters all layers of tension and resistance that are accumulated in the physical body deeply assisting the breathing process of expansion that only enhances the feeling of relaxation and connection with our infinite presence. Breathing consciously is to feel the life force pulsing every second of every day. Try it!" (Thais Aparicio, Rebirthing Therapist - Brazil, translated from Portuguese)
Days & hours: 
Sat 22nd April (2.30-5.30pm)
Contact details
Contact name: 
Patricia Carlota
The Loft at Little Dippers
40-42 Upper Gardner St
BN1 4AN Brighton
United Kingdom