Payment Options
Payment options for Sound Camp

One fee of £150 per person covers everything for the three days:  camping facilities, meals, snacks, teas, coffee, Spring water, and entertainment.

Payment/bookings are now closed. and will open on the 20th May 2018.

Terms and Conditions.

Payment options:

Paying via bank transfer by filling out the booking form, please make payment to Peter Whitehart and transfer funds to account: ? sort code: ? using Sound Camp as a reference.

Or pay via online payment by filling out the booking form and follow the link on the thank you page that apears after submiting the form.

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Tone of Life : Concert For The Earth - Gongs and Soundscape

We welcome you to an amazing, transformational Musical Mystery experience. Our concerts feature a fusion of modern and archaic instruments, the human voice and many Gongs including 60” Earth and Cosmo, a combination of heaven and earth, taking you on an inner journey where time ceases to exist in the spiritualization of mater. All that is, is the now full of the sound of dissonant music which creates life, the music of the Now. Harmonious and coherent music that dissolves in the physical background. This concert is dedicated to Mother Earth, honoring the Divine Land on which we live and breath, bringing the message of Peace, Unity with Agartha through sound. We have been performing these concerts regularly in many countries around the world, since 2002. Joined by our local hosts and musicians skilled in Sacred Tone Improvisation to perform together spontaneously in an inspired ensemble. Our goal is to bring the audience to a deep state of the 'Here and Now', aware of their own inner movie. The purpose and goal of Tone of Life is to nurture the quantum shifting of consciousness of the audience in order to stimulate an inclusive state of universality rather than an exclusive one. All of the concerts are healing concerts using holistic resonance of the gong and its mystic chord. Ticket Prices: Standard: £22 Early bird £16 Discounts for multiple purchases £18 each Concession £15 (Under 14's, Registered Disabled & Pensioners)
Days & hours: 
Thursday 2nd June 8pm- 9.30pm
Contact details
Contact name: 
Kushi Suedawa
Round Chapel
1D Glenarm Road
E5 0LY London
United Kingdom