Gong camp 2019

Hello this is a message for anyone who is interested in Gong camp 2019.


Yes there is plans taking place for gong camp 2019.

Dates not confirmed yet but available dates are 19th - 21st July 2019 or 26th - 28th July 2019.

A new venue has been found and I believe you will love it.


Green & Away is a tented sustainable non-profit events venue based in Worcestershire.





Here is a you tube video showing an aerial view of the venue.

And here is a promotional video of the venue.


Green & Away, established in 1990, is a unique event venue and campsite, offering groups, organisations and individuals a natural, eco-friendly and creative space in which to come together and relax.

Our fully-serviced site gives you comfort and amenities including steaming hot showers, compost toilets, a cafe serving fresh coffee and a range of teas (and cake!) all while bringing you closer to nature. Dine on a range of expertly made vegetarian food and wrap up each day with a few drinks in our sociable bar.

We provide meeting spaces for a range of groups, from eight people on a craft course to 150 people at a conference or celebration. Our main marquee can host speakers or parties. Our smaller break-out spaces provide room for group activities and personal reflection. While our other facilities are available for eco-camping, providing a comfortable escape to nature.

You don’t have to be environmentally focused to visit Green & Away. We take care of everything – from the biodegradable soaps to the recycling. All you have to do is show up and let your creativity soar.

Our fully-serviced site provides all the comfort and amenities to give you a unique experience, adaptable to your specific event, including a main marquee; yurt sitting room; kitchen providing three vegetarian meals a day; licensed bar and café; hot showers and on-site plumbing; solar-charging facilities and Wi-Fi and campfire circle to gather around at the end of the day. Being a temporary eco-village and built from scratch every summer.


This venue has more costs compaired to the old venue but I think it is a more suitable site for gong camp. I think I can make it work though with a few changes. My intension from the start was to create an afordable event so I am not going to increase the entrance fee, instead I am going to reduce what is spent. Entrance fee will stay at £150 per person for this year and I am hoping to keep it at this price for a few years.

Here is a brief layout of changes that I will make:

I will not be offering anyone a free entry, this includes myself, beleive it or not I have always paid the entrance fee to attend gong camp. Gong camp was set up as a no profit making event, onething I learnt very quickly though was to remove those words from the gong camp pages because it seemed to have attracted people who thought they had some sort of rite to try and convince me to let them in for free. I got tired of having to be blunt and unfriendy towards those requests.

More group gong baths:

Gong bath in the morning.

Gong bath in the afternoon.

Gong bath in the evening before bed

No allnight gong bath because of sound retrictions after 11pm. Saturday evening can be like Friday evening where I hire entertainment for an hour or two.

Workshops will be speakers to the whole group rather than many workshops running at the same time.

More free time, not so busy as previous gong camps, its going to be more of a weekend retreat.

No competitions.

No pick up from the station.

No promotional fliers. Fliers and envelopes and stamps amount to £250 per year, I will need to make this saving.

Not so many free tents offered.

I have eight one man tents that I will bring for those who reserve one (no cost but this will be a put up yourself) I have put too much hard work into prepairing and clearing up after with previous gong camps so this venue is going to make things so much easy for me.

You can hire a furnished tent from green and away at an extra cost.

No attendee fee payments via paypal. I will need to avoid having to pay paypal six pound per person so all payments will be bank transfer only

No newsletters, no promo videos. GDPR new dater protection law was a headace last year (the reason for no gong camp last year) I no longer have a mailing list so there will be no newletters and I am not going to make a promo videos because it too complicated getting permission or blocking out faces etc.

No special arrangements for Sunday morning. I have organized entertainment and workshops for the Sunday morning during previous camps at great expence only to find half of the attendees have gone home, so Sunday morning will be a chill out time. I do prefer attendees stay for Sunday lunch as the meal will be paid for.



Here is an idea of what to expect from this years gong camp.


Friday 2pm onwards arrival.


Get tent set up and get settled, explore etc.


Evening meal 6.30pm ish


7.30pm an hours entertainment near the camp fire.

9.30 group gong bath in the main marquee.



8am Group gong bath in the main marquee

9am Breakfast time.

10am first speaker/workshop in main marquee

11.30am Second speaker/workshop in main marquee

1.30pm Lunch time

2.30pm third speaker/workshop in main marquee

4pm fourth speaker/workshop in main marquee

6.30pm evening meal.

7.30pm an hours entertainment near the camp fire

9.30 group gong bath in the main marquee.



8am Group gong bath in the main marquee

9am Breakfast time.

Sunday chill out time

 Several group Gong baths

1.30pm Lunch time

2.30pm camp comes to a close.


During Saturday morning and afternoon there will also be yoga and chi gong sessions running.


All of the above is a guide of what I aim to arrange, so nothing is organised at present.


Please share your thoughts with me, what do you think of this venue. I really need attendees to make this work, please support gong camp this year if you can. I mite have to pay a deposit on this venue so I really want to now if there is people interested in attending. Below is a quick interested form to fill out with just name and email.I dont have a mailing list so I am not collecting email addresses, I just want to know if people are interested in attending before I put time and money into this.

make contact