The Sound Gong Bath's Feb 2019 Gong Bath Tour

I have been running group gong baths for eight years now, and I have now decided to run an annual gong bath tour starting in February of 2019, there will be 28 days of gong baths held throughout the Southwest of England. I will be starting in Devon and Cornwall and finishing in Gloucestershire.

I will be covering Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hereford and Gloucestershire. Please contact me using the form below if you are interested in me running a gong bath in your area.


Throughout The Southwest

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During February 2019 I will be running a gong bath tour, 28 days of gong baths held throughout the Southwest of England. Starting in Devon then making my way through Cornwall and finishing in Gloucestershire.

Do you want a gong bath in your area? Contact me to arrange one.

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Gong Playing


Here is the Gong Playing video. Watch full screen


40" Wind Gong


Here is my 40" Wind gong. Watch full screen




If you have a holistic centre/yoga studio or have a village hall near you or have a mind body spirit event running anywhere in my touring areas and would like a group  gong bath during February 2019 please get in contact.  I will  be wanting those interested to take bookings and  payments and work on a percentage earning arrangement or pay a fixed fee plus fuel costs.  Centre  website / contact  buttons  Facebook  pages  etc  will be linked  from this page to help promote  the gong bath and your centre. Please choose an available date and contact me to secure it. I am making arrangements early for February 2019. My cut off date for arranging a gong bath for February is on the 16th December 2018.




Gong Bath Dates For February 2019

Please click on more details for information of where I will be running my daily gong baths. Details will be added as soon as venue, date, time etc has been confirmed.  To book a place on a gong bath please use the links below and follow the book now button on that page.


Friday 1st         (Devonl)  Morning / Afternoon / Evening gong bath in Tiverton

Saturday 2nd    (Devon)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Sunday 3rd       (Devon)  Morning / Afternoon / Evening gong bath in Barnstaple

Monday 4th      (Devon)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Tuesday 5th      (Devon  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Wednesday 6th (Devon)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Thursday 7th    (Devon)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Friday 8th        (Devon)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Saturday 9th    (Devon)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening gong bath in Exmouth

Sunday 10th         (Devon)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Monday 11th        (Cornwall)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Tuesday 12th       (Cornwall)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening  (Available)

Wednesday 13th   (Cornwall)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Thursday 14th     ( Cornwall )  /Evening  (This date is reserved and more details coming soon)

Friday 15th        (Devon)  Morning / Afternoon / Evening gong bath in Exeter

Saturday 16th    (Cornwall)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening   Evening gong bath in tresmeer, launceston

Sunday 17th       (Cornwall)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening  Evening gong bath in Tresmeer, Launceston

Monday 18th    ( Cornwall)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening  (Available)

Tuesday 19th     (Cornwall)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Wednesday 20th (Somerset/Gloucestershire)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Thursday 21st     (Somerset/Gloucestershire)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Friday 22nd        (Somerset/Gloucestershire)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Saturday 23rd  Morning gong bath At Hits The Spot Therapy Centre Gloucestershire.   Evening gong bath in Taunton

Sunday 24th       (Somerset/Gloucestershire)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Monday 25th      (Somerset/Gloucestershire)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Tuesday 26th      (Somerset/Gloucestershire)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Wednesday 27th (Somerset/Gloucestershire)  Morning / Afternoon /Evening (Available)

Thursday 28th    (Gloucestershire)  Morning / Afternoon / Evening (Available)