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The Sound-Gong-Bath Environment friendly store is a recommendation of companies who are selling good sustainable products. I intend to add more companies links to this page so please keep coming back to see whats new.



Health Store



NaturalNews.com opened their online Health Ranger Store back in 2012, in response to their readers' calls for an honest, responsive and competitively-priced provider of health-related products. They built it from the ground up, complete with their own fulfillment center and in-house customer support—all based in the USA. They offer competitive prices on selected nutritional supplements, superfoods, storable foods, preparedness items and much more.
100% of the products offered in the Health Ranger store are personally reviewed and approved by the founder, Mike Adams (the "Health Ranger").
With routine testing for purity of foods at his Forensic Food Lab.
Mike Adams have zero tolerance for dishonest suppliers and contaminated products.
Bamboo clothing was launched in 2006 in Devon England.
An environmentally sustainable business, most of their packaging is biodegradable, where everyone gets treated fairly and responsibly, from the garment factory workers to the customer.
They would rather make a bit less money and have loads of really pleased and satisfied customers and suppliers and have fun themselves rather than go the awful corporate route of ‘get away with what you can, maximise profit and pretend to be whiter than white’
If you place a order from BAM you won't be disappointed in their products, please do add: info@sound-gong-bath.co.uk to the "recommended by" at check out, I am then likely to receive a free pair of socks.

Guy Watson started growing organic veg in 1986 on his family farm in Devon and set up the vegbox scheme in 1993, delivering to 20 local friends and families.
As demand grew, the challenge was to find a way of embracing it whilst sticking to what the vegbox scheme was all about – local growing and employment and a friendly, personal service.
The solution was to find other farmers who shared their ethos. They now have 4 Riverford farms, all growing, packing and delivering vegboxes locally (the original farm in Devon, plus Hampshire, Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire)They now also have a farm in the Vendée region of France, where they grow crops to fill the vegboxes during the British ‘hungry gap’ in late spring.

Currently ranked by Ethical Consumer Magazine for most ethical menswear brand THTC is an ethically-driven clothing label. They produce eco-friendly and politically conscious street wear, made from hemp, carbon-neutral organic cotton, and recycled salvage plastic fibres.

Planted by the Lawson brothers back in 1999, it was watered with urban music,and fed with a love of life and street culture. THTC has since grown into an influential global street-wear brand, with a flourishing online community.

They have been the vanguard of a crusade to bring hemp into the realm of credible, urban street-wear.  They also produce private-label runs for businesses and events, produce and distribute several clothing ranges of t-shirts, hoodies, shopping bags and sweaters.