2017 gong camp

Gong Camp 2017 from Peter Whitehart on Vimeo.

Gong Camp 2017 Video



The 2017 gong camp was in it's third year and as in previous years its was a memorable weekend for everyone who attended.

Below are brief detail's of what was on during this years camp.

In preparation for the 2018 camp (which will be running on the weekend of the 6th - 8th July) I am re naming gong camp "Sound Camp" the transition on the internet search engines has allready gone well, as I find the camp page on the first page already when using Gong Camp or Sound Camp in a search.

I want to offer many sound therapy workshops and not just the gong. I also want the Saturday evening/Sunday morning all night gong bath to be a sound journey and not just a large gong bath, so the re naming of camp will help to attract many differnt sound therpists and put these ideas in to reality.


Friday Evening


On the Friday evening we had a freestyle drum circle around the camp fire and we were joined by Lucy the fire performer





Saturday Workshops


Maite Alonso

Maite was born in Spain and has an innate passion for music and dance. In 2009 she completed the training in Shakti dance and the Yoga of dance with Sara Avtar Olivier in the UK.  

Maite also completed the Kundalini Yoga Training Course in December 2012 in Devon with the Amrit Nam Sarovar School.Through this practise she is finding the roots of Shakti Dance and exploring how these practices can be integrated and complement each other.

Buddhist meditation has also been a major influence since 1990, especially Zen and Insight Meditation. She feels committed to the work of inner awakening and to living a conscious and compassionate life.

Maite found that Shakti dance integrated her great passions for yoga, dance, meditation, music and healing into one practice where she feel most at home.
Maite lives in Totnes, Devon and works as a complementary therapist and Shakti Dance teacher.

Maite offered Shakti dance,the yoga of dance, a fusion of yoga, dance and meditation (1hour in the morning and repeated in the afternoon)

For more details on Maite work visit: www.shaktisoul.co.uk



Dinah Mann


Dinah offered yoga workshops, drawing on her experience of a number of different yoga disciplines but primarily Hatha yoga.

The yoga included asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and chanting. Dinah has a wealth of experience, a gentle manner and a structured approach to her teaching that will guide you though a progressive session, supporting you to be in your body and challenge yourself as you feel right for yourself in the moment. All levels of yoga experience are welcome.

Dinah ran a yoga workshop for an hour in the morning and repeated in the afternoon.


Jo-Anne Burchfield-James

Suara Sound Tuning Fork Ambassador

I live and work in Rye East Sussex, I have been a Hairdresser for thirty years and have always liked the alternative medicine and therapies.
I work from my therapy room at home. I combine the tuning forks with my reiki so bringing into every treatment the beautiful vibrations and sounds of the tuning forks and tuning pipes, gongs and other instruments, I also like to use crystals, shells and stones.

Jo offered a tuning fork and gong workshop and including an insight to reiki, showing how several therapies can be collaborated together (1hour in the morning and repeated in the afternoon)

More details on Jo's work you can visit her Facebook page: "Quay Of Life"



Alison Dhuanna McCabe

Welcome to the Northern School of Astro-Shamanism

Alison offered  Sha-gong full moon shamanic gong work with Pachakuti Mesa tradition breath work, ceremony and sacred sound journey with gongs. One hour workshop in the morning and repeated in the afternoon.

Alison and her partner was impressed to have discovered a ley line running through Coombe Farm. Here is what Alison has written about gong camp:

"According to Hamish Miller and Paul Broadbent who followed and dowsed the ley 
line the St Mary's line runs through Coombe Farm. This was confirmed by our 
dowsing and runs through the African Hut and then along the path where there was 
a marque on the left. It goes down to the river where you can walk down and then 
turned back up again. We didn't track it further than that.

You can purchase the map pages individually from Penwith Press and the page 
reference is 181/1. This is the one with your house on as well!

I loved gong camp and the synchronicity of it being on the Ley line was amazing. 
Our journey is an unfolding of the Holy Grail mysteries."

 For more details on Alison's work: http://schoolofastroshamanism.com/




Tallulah Rendall

Sessions focus on openhearted empowerment through the deepening of our relationship with health and wellbeing, our creativity, our voice and our innate wisdom and intuition.

After spending many years touring worldwide as a singer-songwriter and suffering from ill health, Tallulah choose to place wellbeing and happiness at the core of her life; a place previously dominated by her creative drive. This drew her towards Chinese Medicine and the beautiful practise of qi gong.

Tallulah is now a qualified qi gong teacher and has combined her passion for song and sound to help people attune to ways of leading healthier lives and connecting deeper to their creativity; she is currently also training as a sound therapist.

Tallulah combined qi gong, mantra, song & sound journey mediation." Qi Gong & Sound Journey Workshop"

One hour workshop during the morning and repeated in the afternoon.
For more details on Tallulah work: http://soundofqi.com/  



Diane Stewart

Sound and Art workshop

For me creativity and healing are two aspects of life force which can be used to bring about balance, fulfilment and expression of self. These two threads have run side by side through my life and both have equal value. As a therapist giving Reflexology and Reiki and also as a Sound Healer, providing Gong Baths and meditations, I have always been aware that creative expression and art can also play an important part in maintaining health. Drawing on my experience as a textile tutor and artist, I have combined this with sound to give an opportunity to express yourself in an easy and creative way. No drawing or art skills are necessary for this workshop and materials will be provided.

Diane combined sound and art.
Using the sound of the gong to connect to the inner essence this is then expressed through art/colour to make a unique piece of art to take home.
She gave a gong bath in the first part of the session then using the inspiration of the sound, the art work took place in the second part.

Ran for one hour in the morning and repeated in the afternoon.

More details on Diane work:  http://www.dianestewart.co.uk



Gail / Paola

Biodanza And Voice
Gail and Paola gave a taste of how the Biodanza system uses the power of sound for healing, self-expression and self-discovery. One hour during the morning and repeated in the afternoon.

Gail Stewart is a trained singer since childhood. As a nurse patients asked her to sing and soon realised the healing that voice can bring. She is a Biodanza teacher and realises how the group, music, voice, and movement can have a profound healing effect on the body and mind. She has studied aspects of shamanism over 20 yrs with Simon Buxton, Ken Meadows and the late Sarah Howcroft. Gail has also trained with various people for gong including Sanji Hall, Don Conreaux and Carolyn Coles. Her great love is working with gongs, bowls, monochord, pipes and voice. Besides workshops she is a volunteer at The Maggie cancer centre Swansea where she uses sound for the clients.
Paola's background embraces Gregorian Chant and early music, meditation facilitation, and Tibetan Buddhist sound healing. She is also a Biodanza facilitator and didactic teacher based in the South West of England.



Saturday Evening


Started at 9.30pm and ran till 7.30am Sunday morning there was the all night gong bath under the stars. Everyone who participates played the gongs for a thirty minute stretch.







Tobias Kaye

Sounding Bowls first appeared to Tobias Kaye during an evening meditation in 1986, unexpected and simple, the image was nothing more than a wooden bowl with a string inside. But simple ideas in the right hands have the potential to become things of greatness and with Tobias’ lifelong passion for sculpting bowl forms it is no wonder that the image has developed into what it is today.

Tobias ran a two hour workshop;

“An Introduction to the Sounding Bowl”

during Sunday 9th morning.

For more details on Tobias work: www.soundingbowls.com



Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and for putting together such amazing workshops. X
What beautiful words and loved you all and the lush food, workshops , weather , laughter and love ... keep on Gonging folks ... Gong ❤️love .. good Sounds and Vibrations .. and thanks for all your hard work
I feel so inspired and energised! Really loved it all and will see you next year if not before - carry on gonging
At Gong camp teaching Biodanza!! Me and Paola!! Slept in bell tent!! Ate vegan food, Compost toilet, Wonderful place, Beautiful people, All gonged out
"Fantastic weekend. Met some lovely humans. Thanks to the amazing Pete you truly have authentic kindness."
"Thanks for another great weekend all, still floating and smiling! Feeling very inspired, loving gong"
Had such an inspiring and hilarious weekend of gonging, giggling and eating cake at Gong Camp - O you have to come with me next year you will love it"
"Loved this weekend....lovely people, wonderful experiences. Keep in touch fellow gongers!"
It was an incredible experience! I loved it. We Om'd and we Gonged. It was utter bliss. And we laughed like drains! It was so very much needed. Huge gratitudes for organising an amazing camp and such perfect weather. I'll see you next year for sure
Loved every minute of it and will be there next year. Love and kindness x
Thank you everyone, I had a gonging weekend and loved meeting you all! Sorry if I woke anyone up with my over excited gonging! See you soon xxx
Thank you so much, I can honestly say it has been life changing for me. I've yet to post on the most amazing 'coincidences' that have manifested since the Gong Camp. I'm still fizzing with such beautiful energy. Thank you so you for making it such an incredible weekend. I am so grateful xx
You are a wonderful man Beautiful soul This weekend helped and healed many souls. Thank you for what you do to organise this amazing event in quite a challenging but beautiful countryside.
6-8 July 2018 is in my diary xxx
Can't wait for next year. Your dedication and care towards this event is evident and I think your one of the nicest most authentic person I have met in a long time. P.s Many thanks to Julie who collected me from the train station and back again. such a beautiful lady inside and out.
I would like to thank you for the great experience at the gong camp weekend. Your effort and enthusiasm is so remarkable. Keep well, till we meet again. Go forward with love xxx